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Re: Nk 3310; monitoring battery, detec incoming call, make datacall

From: LeBomb
Subject: Re: Nk 3310; monitoring battery, detec incoming call, make datacall
Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 00:17:15 +0200

sorry for my late answer.
Few years ago, a used the gnokii source code to write my own driver for a home automation system.
Just have a look to the attached file.

I tested it in France on three different network.

Good luck.

2013/5/6 Stéphane Lonkeng <address@hidden>
I am working with Nokia 3310 with FBUS protocol (nk6110.txt). My objective is to command the phone with a PIC 18f452 of Microchip. I have to implement some functions. My first problem is that the phone does not send any frame when there is an incoming call. the other problem is I need to get the battery level value; I have read the  file nk6110.txt (0x04 type) but when I try to send the frame, the phone just reply the same ack frame which (I think) means that the frame I send is not right. I have also try to read the file nk6110.c but it is very hard for me because I'm just starting in C/C++ programming.
Frame that I send:
1E 00 0C 04 00 06 00 07 00 01 01 45 13 41
I would like to know if it is possible to make datacall using Nokia 3310

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