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Re: Issues to connect gnokii with a sms gateway

From: David Cornejo
Subject: Re: Issues to connect gnokii with a sms gateway
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 19:16:45 -0500

Daniele thanks for your reply.

I could connect the sms gateway with my server using the ttyACM1 port.

But now, I have another problem. The Sms Gateway (wavecom) doesn't recognize the GSM.

Can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance

2013/5/24 Daniele Forsi <address@hidden>
2013/5/24 David Cornejo:

> When I send the command "gnokii --identify" I get this message:
> "Telephone interface init failed: Command timed out."

either the device isn't connected to port = /dev/ttyS0 (first RS-232
port) or it doesn't speak the AT protocol
BTW, if it has only one RS-232 port how can you choose which of the 8
modules you want to use?

Daniele Forsi

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