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Re: Sending SMS in Hebrew

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Sending SMS in Hebrew
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 15:59:58 +0100

2013/10/30 Warren Burstein:

> I looked at debug output, and saw that my phone's response to AT+CSCS=? is
> ("UCS2","GSM","PCCP437","PCDN","IRA","8859-1","HEX") after which gnokii
> sends  AT+CSCS="GSM"

that's correct since gnokii only supports PDU SMS there's no need to
use other encodings

> So, is there a way to describe Hebrew in GSM?  Or, if I have to use UCS2,
> how do I get gnokii to tell the phone to use it?  It looks to me like this
> depends on the value of the environment variable LOCALE (which is currently
> ISO-8859-1)

on Linux the variable is LANG but you can't type Hebrew in ISO-8859-1
so it won't work

gnokii uses the iconv library to convert from the settings of in your
environment, so that if you can type something in your terminal then
you can also send it via SMS; if you're redirecting from a file with a
different encoding than your system, just set LANG for that command
line only (or better set LC_CTYPE so error messages are displayed
LC_CTYPE=something gnokii <myfile.txt --sendsms ...

> maybe there's a page at the
> gnokii wiki that tells how to send SMSs in various languages, and if there
> isn't, should I start one for Hebrew, and people can then add their own
> languages?)

fell free to add whatever cames from this discussion, but it should
just work if your system is set up for UTF-8 (or the language you want
to use)

if it still doesn't work after setting LANG I need to see a debug log
and the text you want to send
Daniele Forsi

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