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Re: Introducing certain delay between messages

From: Jan Derfinak
Subject: Re: Introducing certain delay between messages
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 08:48:37 +0100
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Rodrigo Montiel wrote:


> I was researching a little bit about how to introduce a sleep() function
> before each message is sent.
> The reason here is because in my country we are being blocked by telcos 
> for any massive sms campaign attempt in order to preserve the gsm network.

> I also have been trying to put some sleep() functions sms_send_single /
> sms_send_long functions, for instance:
> ------
> static gn_error sms_send_single(gn_data *data, struct gn_statemachine
> *state)
> {
>         sleep(60);
> ------
> Im not a guru in C coding, have made just some little (stupid) programs.
> Could you please kindly point me to which function I should review? I do
> not want to destroy this excellent/complex source code.

I think it can work. But if you need it because of smsd, I recommend not
to touch libgnokii code and implement it in smsd code.

You can introduce such delay in smsd/lowlevel.c:A_SendSMSMessage()
function. This code add dynamic delay added only if dealy from previous
message was less than 60 seconds.


#include <time.h>

to includes section of lowlevel.c

Them modify A_SendSMSMessage function:
 static gint A_SendSMSMessage (gpointer data)
  D_SMSMessage *d = (D_SMSMessage *) data;
  gn_data *dt;
  gn_error status;
  static time_t timer = time (NULL);  // added
  time_t timer_tmp;                   // added

  if (!d)
  gn_data_clear (dt);
  dt->sms = d->sms;
  timer_tmp = time (NULL);            // added
  if ((timer_tmp - timer) < 60)       // added
    sleep (60 - (timer_tmp - timer)); // added
  d->status = gn_sms_send (dt, sm);
  timer = time (NULL);                // added
  status = d->status;
  /* we do not use sms reference numbers in smsd */
  free (dt->sms->reference);

It is written from scratch, so maybe you n
> Thanks in advanced,
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