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Re: sony-ericsson p910i

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: sony-ericsson p910i
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2014 14:29:59 +0200

Dear Walter, you wrote:

> old sony-ericsson p910i

> It connects to my laptop (where I'm running Fedora 20) through a craddle
> and a usb cable but the KDE "device notifiers" (I don't know the
> application name) don't recognize its presence not mount it
> automatically.

according to your lsusb the cradle has only a vendor specific
endpoint, not something handled by generic drivers, did you check in
phone menus if you need to enable the use of the phone as a modem
and/or as mass storage?

> Googling around seems that the tool to connect to a smartphone (also old
> generation as mine) is gnokii

old? it's unlikely that you will get anything interesting from your
phone with gnokii because the Symbian phones supported by libgnokii
are older than yours and Symbians do not support the commands
supported by older and newer Nokias; you may have better luck with
SyncML if supported by the phone

so your best bet is if you can to a backup on the memory stick and
read it on your PC

it's also worth trying to use Bluetooth (but it's likely to implement
only modem commands and headset commands): first pair phone and
computer with the tools provided by your OS or DE, then create a
/etc/gnokiirc config file with the following lines:
model = AT
connection = bluetooth
port = {BT address of your phone}

if libgnokii doesn't find the right BT channel automatically, you need
to manually add a line with a channel number reported by sdptool
rfcomm_channel = {CHANNEL NUMBER}

also worth trying model = 6510 with the same settings

however I think that neither --getphonebook nor --getsms will work
because they didn't work with phones similar to yours

P. S. there is/was Python port for Symbian that could be able the read
some data from the phone but I don't know if it's compatible with your
phone and how much hassle would be for you to learn it and write a
program to dump your data
Daniele Forsi

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