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Teoretical Question

From: Rodrigo Montiel
Subject: Teoretical Question
Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2015 13:09:22 -0300
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Hi masters,

Just a concept, probably a stupid question :(
Working in gnokii 0.6.31.

Below is just an example of my scenario:

| number       | phone | error | dreport | processed |
| number-here  |     3 |     4 |       0 |         1 |
| number-here   |     3 |     11 |       0 |         1 |

I have an option in my gnokii file (sms_retry) that as far as I know impacts the error type 11 ( GN_ERR_TIMEOUT).
So when error type 11 appears, I believe the message is being retried due to the timeout issue, prior to set processed column to true.

I would like to know what happens when error type 4? ( GN_ERR_INTERNALERROR - Problem occurred internal to model specific code).
Is processed column set to true automatically?
Can we setup a sms_retry value on gnokii config file to keep retrying for any kind of error type received by gn_sms_send() function?

Thanks guys, sorry if this question is so basic.

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