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Re: Gnokii with Nokia 5500

From: Daniele Forsi
Subject: Re: Gnokii with Nokia 5500
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 16:12:01 +0100

2015-11-28 21:34 GMT+01:00 Casper Gripenberg:

> Is there any way to get gnokii to work with the Nokia 5500 model?

only if you implement the missing parts

the developer's pages at are gone and I don't know an
official way check what kind of phone is this, I think it's a Series
60 3rd which is different from everything came before it

your options are:
1. search the file system of your phone for SMS or see if you can do a
backup on the SD card, if you are lucky, the format will be easy to
decode (I don't know if it was a backup or the regular location but I
definitely saw SMS stored on files on a N73)

2. see if you can read SMS with Nokia PC Suite (I think it worked with
said N73), be happy with that or dump the USB data exchange and
reverse engineer the protocol, you probably need to reverse only 2
frames: the request for a specific message and the corresponding
response, most other frames should be already known or irrelevant for
you, so if you have 100 SMS you would probably see some random data
and then some kind of pattern repeating 100 times

3. avoid gnokii and see if you can find a solution using SyncML

4. avoid gnokii and see if Python for S60 can read your SMS

> I only need SMS functionality, but it doesn't seem to want to
> cooperate :(

Nokia removed most useful functionality from their AT interfaces about
10 years ago and changed once again their proprietary interface

Daniele Forsi

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