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Re: [PATCH] Fix fix false positive "Misconfiguration in the phone table

From: Ladislav Michl
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix fix false positive "Misconfiguration in the phone table detected."
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2020 10:06:36 +0100

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 09:35:43AM +0100, Daniele Forsi wrote:
> Hello Ladislav,
> thank you for your work on gnokii.
> > Fixes: 760f9f070 ("Fix false positive "Misconfiguration in the phone table 
> > detected."")
> this patch should be rejected because the code works as intended, for
> a too lengthy :-) explanation see below.
> Did you test this change? Please don't change the code that you can test.

Yes, I was able at least to read something on C2-OO, but still working
on full support.

> >                 error = NK6510_GetSMSFolders_S40_30(data, state);
> > -               if (error == GN_ERR_NONE) {
> > +               if (error) {
> >                         dprintf("Misconfiguration in the phone table 
> > detected.\nPlease report to gnokii ml (\n");
> >                         dprintf("Model %s (%s) is series40 3rd+ 
> > Edition.\n", DRVINSTANCE(state)->pm->product_name, 
> > DRVINSTANCE(state)->pm->model);
> >                         DRVINSTANCE(state)->pm->flags |= PM_DEFAULT_S40_3RD;
> that logic is also present in other parts of that source file and
> handles situations like this:
> 1) user owns a Series 40 3rd Edition phone (I tested this with a Nokia
> 5300 at that time, not today)
> 2) user configured gnokii with model=6510 (which works form most
> commands also for Series 40 3rd)
> 3) user issued a command that resulted in a call to GetSMSFolders
> which sent the nk6510 FBUS command to the phone
> 4) that FBUS command was NOT handled by the phone in use and it
> returned an error
> 5) then libgnokii tried the series40 FBUS command that succeeded (so
> the check error == GN_ERR_NONE is correct)
> 6) libgnokii asked the user to report something to this mailing list
> so tha we could add the flag PM_DEFAULT_S40_3RD for that phone in the
> next version of libgnokii, this will result in a slightly faster
> execution of the command and reduces the chance of unintended side
> effects
> I think that the user can add the flag DEFAULT_S40_3RD in the [flags]
> section of its copy of gnokiirc since libgnokii 0.6.30 to avoid
> triggering this logic

Ah! Then I'm suggesting to add a little comment like that above such
checks :)

I'll of course do the suggested and drop this patch.

Thank you!

> -- 
> Daniele Forsi

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