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Optional init sequence (#59653)

From: Raphaël
Subject: Optional init sequence (#59653)
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2020 23:44:35 -0300


Back in 2011 December (98a87466), after 0.6.31 release, a change was
introduced so that if any of ATZ, ATE1, AT+CMEE=1) returns the error,
fail Initialize()

If find this a bit bold.
I just encountered a "MTT Mini" feature phone which replies an
"ERROR 100" to ATZ (but "OK" to ATE1 and CMEE).

This model also throw an ERROR 100 to CGMI/GMI

I think the init-sequence should be may (optionally) tolerant to buggy
phone AT implementation.

It looks like the usb-modeswitch "quirks" and I tried to make that
optional-init-sequence a flag but couldn't figure how to do that for the
AT pseudo-model so I'd let that to you. 

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