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[Gnu-arch-users] cscvs--experimental--1.1 nearing doneness; call for tes

From: Charles Duffy
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] cscvs--experimental--1.1 nearing doneness; call for testers
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 02:01:06 -0500

Howdy, folks.

I'm getting ready to wind down cscvs--experimental--1.1, and would like
to declare it (hopefully) featureful, reliable and stable enough for a
wider body of guinea pigs^W^Wusers.

For those of 'yall not familiar with cscvs, it's a tool developed
originally by Mark Ferrell (and recently with much help from rcollins
among others) for breaking down CVS repository history into changesets,
and doing Useful Things with those changesets (such as printing
repository history, running diffs between said changesets, or importing
the repository into arch).

My current experimental branch of cscvs, cscvs--experimental--1.1,
provides the original functionality of cscvs (less support for arch
conversion via larch -- tla being the modern variant -- and for checking
the collected CVS data for consistency, as the new data model is
incapable of storing inconsistent data) plus a bit more.
cscvs--experimental is far faster and more memory-efficient than the
original, and lacks an algorithmic bug which caused unnecessary
changeset splits (particularly during initial imports with vendor

The SQLite database it stores extracted changeset information in is also
quite easy to access for other purposes as well -- I've used it to come
up with a very quick answer to "what files did user $FOO touch between
these dates?", for instance.

So... if you'd care to give the thing a try, I'm anxiously awaiting your
flames, patches and bug reports. And contributed documentation.
*Especially* contributed documentation. :)




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