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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] distinguished branch name, "clone"

From: Colin Walters
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] distinguished branch name, "clone"
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 19:15:06 -0500

On Sat, 2003-11-08 at 18:34, Robert Collins wrote:

> what about tla get foo<tab><tab> ? That exists today.

But it's not the same thing.  And besides, we can't just require
everyone to use completion.  I bet that the percentage of CVS users who
do is less than 10%.

> I don't think this is appropriate. One of arch's strengths is it's great
> flexability. If I chose to use mainline for only production integrated
> changes (which is similar to what I use HEAD for in some CVS projects),
> then this wouldn't reflect the latest development. 

That's fine, but I think that's just you using CVS in an unusual

> It would represent
> the latest stable version. What you are addressing here, branch
> location, is already well solved via either the config approach

But that forces everyone to use configs.  Configs are cool, but they're
a fairly heavyweight solution; you're solving the problem of requiring
too much typing by requiring MORE typing.  To use configs, a user has to
go and set up a whole new category and create all these separate files
and directories.  If I want to just stick a few files in revision
control (like say a school project), it feels like a lot of overkill. 
And I think that's still true even for larger projects like Rhythmbox,
we only really have one category.  Using a config would force everyone
to go through the indirection of:

tla get address@hidden/dists--mainline--0
cd dists--mainline--0
tla build-config rhythmbox/mainline

And then they have this whole other directory lying around, which they
have to update and manage, etc.  It's much nicer to just say:

tla get address@hidden/rhythmbox

And be done with it.

> , or the
> tla grab approach.

How would tla grab solve this?  I don't quite understand grab.

> All of the examples seem like things to script outside of tla.
> Secondly. you aren't using archive-setup fully:
> tla archive-setup -b rhythmbox--mainline--0.6  \
> address@hidden/rhythmbox--mainline--0.6

Still far too much typing.  if we made it just:
tla archive-setup -b address@hidden/rhythmbox--mainline

That would mostly be OK.  It would still be nice to just say:
tla archive-setup -b address@hidden/rhythmbox

As an aside, I find archive-setup a confusing name for this.

> is a one-liner that does what your clone does. So as all you seem to
> need is a) more automatic completion 

It's again not just that - we want a distinguished branch so that people
can distinguish it.

> and b) iteration 


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