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[Gnu-arch-users] Getting wierd exit code..

From: zander
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Getting wierd exit code..
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 15:13:19 +0100


I'm working on a GUI tool and managed to have a list of items on
screen and all.
Now; when I select a file to be added to tla (its a new file) I do a:
tla add-id myFile.

This works great from the command line, but when I do it in my app, it

Could the people that are more familiar with tla error codes take a look
at this?

My exec method has some debugging; here it is:

     [java] addForCommitSlot
     [java] executing [tla, add-id, arch/]
     [java]        in /home/zander/sources/archview
     [java] exit code:2
     [java] stderr: 
/home/zander/sources/tla-1.1pre8/src/tla/libarch/my.c:36:botched invariant
     [java]     !!home
     [java] PANIC: exiting on botched invariant

Here is one that goes all-right:
     [java] executing [tla, id, arch/]
     [java]        in /home/zander/sources/archview
     [java] exit code:1
     [java] stderr:
     [java] id: untagged file
     [java]   arch/

Both give no stdout output.

Should I pass env variables?

ps. I'm running tla from the pre8 release-tarball.
Thomas Zander

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