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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] configs - extracting from arch

From: Robin Farine
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] configs - extracting from arch
Date: 16 Nov 2003 16:42:12 +0100
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>>>>> Robert Collins writes:

    > On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 22:32, Robin Farine wrote:
    >> If we don't limit RCS to arch and CVS, this would imply an
    >> agreement on markers for tree boundaries, and thus imply
    >> endless discussions on which name to choose for the markers
    >> that minimizes name space pollution and maximizes user
    >> happiness ;).

    > Well, I suggest you grab config-manager and play with it. Then we can
    > discuss the pragmatic issues that arise.

OK, I did. What I see is that you solve the above problem by adding
the root of CVS subtrees to the precious category of the parent Arch
tree, and the root of an Arch subtree to the parent directory's
.cvsignore file of a CVS managed tree. CM could handle this
automatically while building a config.

Now, say you have a CVS managed tree with a subtree you work on and
have under Arch control, while other guys working on the same project
use CVS exclusively. They maintain the subtree you have under Arch
control as a CVS module. So for your needs, the subtree should be
mentioned in the appropriate .cvsignore file of the parent tree, which
the CVS only guys probably won't like.

For everyone to be happy, either you keep a working copy of the parent
tree with a locally modified .cvsignore file and you never commit
changes in this tree (you just update it), or if you need to work on
it as well, then you will probably end up putting it under Arch

The same kind of problem arises in the situation where the parent tree
is under Arch control and the subtree under CVS control. You will have
the root of the subtree added to the precious category in the parent
tree =tagging-method file. If I want to work on this project but with
both trees under Arch control, then I will need to remove the subtree
root from the parent tree's precious category. But a merge of our
changes in the parent tree to the common branch will have to somehow
take care of the fact that we have a difference in the =tagging-method
file and that we intend to keep it so.


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