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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Savannah vs. Open Software License

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Savannah vs. Open Software License
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 18:32:08 -0500
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On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 04:36:54PM +0300, Samium Gromoff wrote:
> The motivating idea behind using OSL is represented in these
> posts by Andre Hedrick, the former linux-kernel IDE maintainer and
> Linux represenataive on the T13 committee ( on lkml:

Keep in mind that Andre Hedrick is a FUCKING NUTCASE.

He's apparently very technically skillful, but the anti-GPL stuff he spews
about (liberally) on the LKML is for the most part just laughable (yeah, he
occasionally has valid points, but they're buried so deeply in bile and loony
conspiracy theories that you're lucky to ever find them).

`Life is a boundless sea of bitterness'

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