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[Gnu-arch-users] Creating a "main" archive

From: Matthew Reppert
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Creating a "main" archive
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 02:31:11 -0600


I have a project I'm going to put into an arch repository,
regardless of how this discussion goes. Anyway, the project
will live on a friend's system somewhere (kai); this is where
the website and "main" arch repository will reside. I'll be
doing development from two systems: my i686 workstation
(minerva) and my OS X laptop (chloe). 

I want to be able to push changes from local archives on
minerva and chloe to the main archive on kai. Most
development will probably happen on minerva, except for three
months out of the year when I'll *have* to use chloe. As I
understand it, I can't, then, just set up the main archive to
be a mirror of one of my work archives, since archive-mirror
requires that the destination be a mirror of the source, and
you can only mirror from one archive. I *could* pull the
changes while logged in to kai using star-merge, but it would
be more convenient to push them from wherever I'm working,
since at any given time I don't know what chloe's ip (or a
resolvable hostname) might be without looking it up.

Is there a way to push changes from multiple sources to a
common destination like this that I've overlooked? If not, is
this considered a desirable resident-in-tla feature, or is it
it preferred that users rely on something tla-pqm?


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