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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: Case insensitive file systems [was: tla1.2 on cygwi

From: Dustin Sallings
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: Case insensitive file systems [was: tla1.2 on cygwin]
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 15:42:51 -0800

On Mar 10, 2004, at 15:27, Tom Lord wrote:

It doesn't solve the problem.   By coincidence, it works around one
particular case of the problem you've encountered.   My 2003b archive
would still trip you up, for example (LabNotes v. labnotes).

Yes, labnotes was a confusing problem for me when I first tried to mirror 2003b, but I didn't need all of that stuff, so I just got the parts I wanted.

We clearly disagree on the importance of having the structure in {arch} be consistent with the way archives are specified (i.e. having address@hidden/a--b--c--d logs live in {arch}/address@hidden/a/a--b/a--b--c/patch-logs/d). The archive name is already globally unique and the most significant part. It seems to me that the category and branch names should be completely meaningless to anyone other than the archive owner. What you're advocating (and, I believe, have been suggesting by having this structure) is that the category and branch names should be more significant to everyone than the name of the archive from which the patch originated.

I think limiting category and branch names within an archive to where you couldn't end up with LabNotes and labnotes would be a good move (after all, are they really representing two different categories of stuff?). However, I think it's a little much to limit branch names in private branches to some kind of convention just in case changes within that branch make it back into the upstream project and someone else wants to do a private dev branch with a similar name.

But yeah, it is a side-effect of this design decision that is affecting me and I'm sure someone else can come up with something else that would affect me (someone merging in changes from two branches with names that are similar except for case in the same category in the same archive).

So, I guess I have two problems. One of them is more aesthetic and fairly difficult and one of them is a bit broader and may have other, more complete solutions. It just so happens that solving the first one takes care of most of my worries (and real-world problems) here.

Dustin Sallings

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