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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Caching (was: GNU Arch review - am I accurate?)

From: Jan Hudec
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Caching (was: GNU Arch review - am I accurate?)
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 21:23:31 +0100
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On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 08:56:19 -0500, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> David> * Is anyone currently working on automated caching?
> > For what purpose?
> Performance and offline work?

For performance, revision libraries do the trick. Tla does not
automaticaly prune them -- it has to be done by an independent script
(perhaps from cron).

For offline work, it may never be automatic, because you must tell it
what you want to have cached for offline work. Archive mirroring will do
the trick.

> > There is currently mirrors which serves:
> > * backups.
> > * faster access.
> > * off line access, eg. laptop computers.
> Mirrors are not at all automatic.  A far cry from a "cache".

They can be made automatic for backup purpose by putting push-mirror in
a hook. For offline work they can't really be automatic, because you
need to say on what you want to work. And for caching revision libraries
are usualy better.

> > There is also revision libraries (and pristine trees) which serves:
> > * faster speed for some operations.
> And also offline work.  That's closer but:
> - You have to set it up manually (which is not that bad since it's only
>   done once, but still: it should be setup automatically with a sensible
>   default).

It's a bit hard -- you have to say where they should be put.

> - It does not cache patches.

Sure it DOES.

> - It does not cache some other meta data (not sure which, but when I do
>   `tla build-config ...tla-1.2' tla somehow needs to access the network
>   and check some patches's sigs even when all the trees's revisions are
>   in the revlib).

Does the config only contain _revision_, or does it contain _versions_
too? In the second case, it needs to look which is the latest

> - It is not automatically flushed to prevent unbounded growth.

No, it's not. Perhaps someone could write a script to do this and put it
to tlacontrib. I have a very simple one (that deletes everything with
atime older than 28 days, but something more advanced should be

                                                 Jan 'Bulb' Hudec 

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