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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Command abbreviations

From: Matthieu Moy
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Command abbreviations
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 19:00:20 +0100
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Samuel Tardieu <address@hidden> writes:

> I just played with the possibility of abbreviating commands in
> arch. I'm not sure this is useful, 

I think  this is usefull  only for people  who don't know  about their
shell's programable completion ;-)

BTW, here's  a tcsh completion example  (It could be  improved, but is
nice for all-day use) :

complete tla 'p/1/(help my-id my-default-archive register-archive \
    whereis-archive archives init-tree tree-root tree-version set-tree-version \
    undo redo changes file-diffs inventory tree-lint id id-tagging-method \
    add-id add delete-id delete rm move-id move mv explicit-default default-id \
    id-tagging-defaults changeset mkpatch apply-changeset dopatch \
    show-changeset make-archive archive-setup make-category make-branch \
    make-version import commit get get-changeset lock-revision archive-mirror \
    abrowse rbrowse categories branches versions revisions ancestry \
    ancestry-graph cat-archive-log cacherev cachedrevs uncacherev \
    archive-meta-info archive-snapshot archive-version archive-fixup \
    make-log log-versions add-log-version remove-log-version logs cat-log \
    changelog log-for-merge merges new-merges build-config cat-config tag \
    update replay star-merge apply-delta missing join-branch sync-tree delta \
    file-diffs file-find pristines lock-pristine add-pristine \
    find-pristine my-revision-library library-config library-find library-add \
    library-remove library-archives library-categories library-branches \
    library-versions library-revisions library-log library-file grab \
    parse-package-name valid-package-name)/' \
            'n/my-default-archive/`tla archives | grep "^[^     ]"`/' \
            'n/categories/`tla archives | grep "^[^     ]"`/' \
            'n/branches/`tla categories`/' \
            'n/versions/`tla categories | xargs -n 1 tla branches`/' \
            'n/get/`tla categories | xargs -n 1 tla branches`/' \
            'n/-A/`tla archives | grep "^[^     ]"`/' \
            'C/-/(--diffs --version --help --archive --library --signed \
                    --cache --silent --dir --setup --log --summary \
                    --log-message )/' \


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