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[Gnu-arch-users] tlacontrib--devo--1.3 opened up and tagged

From: James Blackwell
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] tlacontrib--devo--1.3 opened up and tagged
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 02:44:40 -0500
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In order to keep the versions of tlacontrib in line with tla, I've opened
up tlacontrib--devo--1.3 and tagged it to 1.2.

Tlacontrib has been a smashing success. During the 1.2 series, The
following people contributed directly to tlacontrib:

David Allouche     Aaron Bentley    Scott Bronson
Robert Collins     Jan Hudec        Paul Hedderly
Gergely Nagy       Teichgreiber (Sorry for the spelling)

Because of the hard work of the above people (and others!), tlacontrib
has grown to include the following: 

aba                - Depending on who you ask, "Aaron Bentley's Arch" or 
                     "Aaron Bentley's Additions". Aba is an extensive 
                     tla wrapper that adds numerous commands.     - Adds taglines to files
bash-complete      - scripts to automate bash completion with tla
arch-tag.el        - emacs script to add taglines to a buffer
pure-merge,        - "performs a pure merge"
px-tools           - This module implements escaping and unescaping
                     strings as used by tla, so perl scripts don't
                     have to resort to calling C<tla escape> command.
shrink-library     - removes old revisions from a library based on atime
tla-archive-locate - locate the original location of an archive
tla-hack-on        - performs a pure merge
tla-lineage        - retrieves all changesets for a full version
tla-lineage-replay - and replays them. :)
tlash              - preps the bash shell to ease tla use when hacking

Please join me and give thanks to your fellow hackers for a job well done
in making our day to day life with tla just a little bit easier!



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