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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] really, really slow commit / mirror with webdav

From: Dustin Sallings
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] really, really slow commit / mirror with webdav
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 20:17:34 -0800

On Feb 5, 2004, at 10:57, Tom Lord wrote:

FWIW, that single file transfer is entirely handled by libneon.
Perhaps we need to upgrade to a more recent version?   (I don't want
to do so just blindly -- it would be nice have some experimental
result that shows that will fix the problem and, better, an
explanation of why.)

It is a terribly odd behavior you've run into.

I finally got a chance to look into this a bit more, and it really had me stumped. Basically, I've got cadaver's libneon symlinked into my arch tree with some additional logging and stuff and I'm doing a build of cadaver vs. a build of tla, downloading the exact same file from the same place on the same computer. The cadaver download is always *significantly* faster than the tla download using pretty much the exact same invocation of ne_get.

After spending a few hours trying to isolate exactly where the problem was occurring (it looked like it was actually receiving data more slowly, which would make sense if I couldn't reproduce it every time with the same code between windows), I gave up and went to bed. After a bit more work today, I was absolutely unable to make it run slowly again.

I figured out what the problem is, though: squid and weird environment variable issues. Somehow, I ended up with both http_proxy and HTTP_PROXY set (neither is set in any rc I can find). When I unset http_proxy, wget no longer uses the proxy, cadaver doesn't honor either one, and tla honors both.

        So, the good news is the problem was on my end.

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