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[Gnu-arch-users] unable to acquire revision lock

From: arch . t . hafnert
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] unable to acquire revision lock
Date: 06 Apr 2004 16:08:07 +0200
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when I started ``tla import'' for the first time, I got:

|PANIC: make_tmp_tar_archive: tar exitted with non-0 status

>From now on, when I repeat ``tla import'', I get:

|arch_import: unable to acquire revision lock (could not rename file.)
|    tree: /d/hafnert
|    revision: address@hidden/home--mainline--0.1--base-0

No way out until now. What shall I do? Maybe there's still a lock file
left from the panic mentioned above?

I've installed GNU arch from the archive tla-1.2-win32.tar.gz for

  Thomas Hafner

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