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[Gnu-arch-users] Preferences for branching in merge submissions?

From: Robin Green
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Preferences for branching in merge submissions?
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 13:59:25 +0100
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Suppose I want to submit 3 fixes to tla (or tla-tools, or tla-contrib, or
whatever). Are people generally happy with submissions where

  patch-1  (or patches 1 to n) contain the first fix
  patch-2  (or patches n+1 to m) contain the second fix
or is there a strong preference among maintainers for separate branches
for each fix, to ease cherry-picking?

Obviously where fix-2 strictly depends on fix-1 it makes perfect sense to
have them in the same branch. But otherwise, can it be a trade-off between
convenienence of the submitter and (potential) convenience of the maintainer,
in cases where the maintainer wants to merge some fixes but not others?
Or does arch make this trade-off obsolete?

Sorry, I haven't thought very clearly about this, I'm just throwing the question
out there for more knowledgeable persons to respond to.

Also, [attention asuffield!] I'm sure it can't have escaped people's attention
that it would be nice to have a _standardised_ format or single command that one
could put in an email to describe a merge request. Then the maintainer could
just cut and paste that one line, or even set up a special keybinding in their
mail client, to begin the review process.

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