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[Gnu-arch-users] Phonebook for arch

From: James Blackwell
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Phonebook for arch
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 00:51:20 -0400
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Hello all, 

I've set up a phonebook for gnu arch. Attached, you'll find a perl script
that requires Net::LDAP (on Debian Gnu, apt-get install 
libnet-ldap-perl package)

If you wish to run the script standalone, run the script with these

address@hidden:~/.mutt$ ./ Blackwell
Searching database... 1 entries found.
<address@hidden> James Blackwell

This script can be used *very* easily with mutt by placing the following
in your .muttrc: 

set query_command = "~/.mutt/ '%s'"

If you do this, select "m" for new mail, hit ctrl-T, type any sort of 
limiting criteria that you like, and select the name you want.

Time for some quick Q&A: 

Q: Where did you get all this from? 
A: I parsed every single logfile on the mirror (yes, all 36,435 of them)

Q: Out of the four or five email addresses, why did you pick *that* one to
A: When I ported names, some people had several email addresses. As such,
I listed every single email address as a secondary. If you want to set a
primary email address (which has prededence over secondaries), contact me
and I'll set it.

Q: Mutt sucks! Why don't you give instructions for (some other mailer)
A: Opinions asside, mutt is what I happen to use, so I figured out how to
do it with mutt. If you would like to provide instructions on how to
integrate LDAP with your mail client, I'll be more than happy to include

Q: Ok. Well, what do I need to search for? 
A: You will need the following information: 

    1. The root dn to search in is "ou=ArchPeople,dc=gnuarch,dc=org"
    2. The names are stored in the "cn" attribute
    3. The primary address, if any, is set in gaoPrimaryEmail
    4. The secondary addresses, if any are stored in gaoSecondaryEmail

Q: Why don't you supply gpg keys too? 
A: (grin). I just haven't gotten that far.

Q: Why don't you do something similiar with archives? 
A: I already have. You have two choices at this point:
  1. point your webbrowser at
  2. Use the ldaputils. The server is, and the basedn is

Q: I think it sucks that people can look up my address! Take my name out!
A: Why? It doesn't matter. You've already publicized your email address.

Q: What?
A: Your name and email address is listed in every single revision you've
   ever commited to a public arch archive. In fact, that's how *I* found

Q: I still don't want you to list them.
A: If you're really, really, insistant, talk to me personally, and maybe
   we can figure something out. But trust me, it really doesn't matter,
   and you'll probably end up changing your mind later anyways.

James Blackwell          Please do not send me carbon copies of mailing
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