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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Emgergency release of tla-1.2.1pre1

From: Matthieu Moy
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Emgergency release of tla-1.2.1pre1
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 03:18:29 +0200
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address@hidden (James Blackwell) writes:

> tla-1.2.1pre1 is available

While talking about a new release,  I've posted a bug and a patch some
time ago about WebDAV, and it doesn't seem to have been applied.

The  code used  to extract  the  password from  the URL  uses a  buggy
implementation of strncpy that just forgets the final '\0'. 

The bug makes tla unuseable  with webdav authentication, and the patch
is trivial, so, I think it's worth including it.

--- str.c~      Wed Feb 11 00:17:10 2004
+++ str.c       Thu Mar  4 14:14:29 2004
@@ -540,6 +540,7 @@
           *to++ = *from++;
+      *to = 0;
   while (n--)
     *to++ = 0;


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