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[Gnu-arch-users] ArchZoom 0.2.0 announce

From: Mikhael Goikhman
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] ArchZoom 0.2.0 announce
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 04:33:35 +0000
User-agent: Mutt/

Hello, Arch lovers.

A new version 0.2.0 of ArchZoom (web based revision browser) is released.
Here is a list of user visible changes since the initial release, 0.1.0:

* Two modes, "regular archive browser" and "library archive browser".
* Implemented abrowse view that is the default now.
* Implemented changeset log view with all diffs inline.
* Implemented download of: file, file diff, changeset log, log with diffs.
* Enhanced all views (diff and tree) to work without library.
* Improved the look of all views (templates).
* Better support for new and removed files in changeset file diffs.
* Support for branchless projects.
* Support for multiple template engines.
* Support for perl 5.005 (the version installed on
* A bunch of new configuration options.
* Configurable way to limit the number of simultaneous script invocations.
* Added debug mode for diagnosis.
* Test for tla in $PATH before doing anything else.
* Changed flag specification in url for better work with web browsers.
* Support for "FIRST" and "LATEST" notation for version and revision in url.
* Many small fixes and polishing.

The new release is available from the ArchZoom home page:

I wish to thank people that helped with patches and testing.
Additionally, thanks to James, a new demo is available now at:

(If you don't want your archive to be visible on this site, just tell me.)
It is configured with the following changes to the default archzoom.conf:

  auto_library_updating = 1
  run_limit_number = 2

The second option means 2 simultaneous invocations at most. So, don't
be surprised if you get "simultaneous invocation limit exceeded" page.
It is safe to reload such page as many times as needed. It is possible
this limit is too small, but it is a good way to avoid troubles to

This demo may be used to occationally browse your archives. However,
it may be a better idea to install archzoom (it is easy) on your own
apache with your archives registered, and to avoid such limit.

I plan to add some smart optimization features in the next release 0.3.0,
like smart fixed-size library (to automate removal of less used library
revisions, currently this should be done manually) and fixed-size cache.
Suggestions regarding optimization or other issues are appreciated.


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