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[Gnu-arch-users] What is the meaning of project version number?

From: Andrzej Wasowski
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] What is the meaning of project version number?
Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 00:25:05 +0200
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Hi everybody,

Thanks a lot  for hints with working offline/online. I  keep them all in
mind and keep experimenting with arch  to see what is the best model for
me. I am  leaning more and more towards branching,  because I would like
to ba able to actually do some minor work on the desktop while my laptop
is left  home with perhaps some  work already started. I  never did this
with CVS (this  is illegal in my current setup), but  I always felt that
such  things should  be  allowed.  I have  created  an experimental  tla
archive now and try to understand how things work.

One thing  which puzzles me is the  role of version numbers  in names of
projects in arch  (this may well be  a FAQ but a quick  query brought no
answer and the tutorial is sketchy on this point).

I  have created  a  dummy project  myproject--mainline--0.1 and  applied
several patches to  it (up to patch-4). Then I wanted  to release 0.1 to
public. I  run the release script  and want to start  hacking on version
0.2. Actually tutorial does not say what  is the preferred way to do it,
but since the concept of version number is self-explanatory, then I just
created a  new project in the same  archive myproject--mainline--0.2 and
tagged mainline--0.2 to  mainline--01--patch-4. Everything fine. abrowse
shows a  neat archive  overview. But when  I ask  for a changelog  of my
mainline--0.2-base-0 release  I just get  one entry saying what  was the
original  tag source.  

Does it mean I can only generated a ChangeLog encompassing last version,
no more?   Have I done  anything wrong? What  is the suitable  model for
versioning (releasing/branching) projects?

Any hints/guiding will be highly appreciated. 


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