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[Gnu-arch-users] [BUG] --no-pristine doesn't work as advertised

From: Aaron Bentley
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] [BUG] --no-pristine doesn't work as advertised
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 07:53:13 -0400
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The --no-pristine flag only works when doing "get --link". Otherwise, a pristine will always be produced if the revision didn't come from a library.

to demonstrate:
$tla library-remove address@hidden/tla--devo--1.3--patch-27
$tla get --no-pristine address@hidden/tla--devo--1.3--patch-27

This bug has existed since tla--devo--1.1--patch-287 at least. The code goes:

        case opt_no_pristine:
            no_pristine = 1;
    if (hardlinks)
        safe_mkdir (tmp_dir, 0777);
no_pristine = arch_build_revision ((silent ? -1 : 1), tmp_dir, arch, archive, revision, cache_dir);

I have a fix in my local tree, which I can submit. But since this option has been broken since at least December, it may be cruft that's no longer needed.


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