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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Creating and joining branches...

From: Cameron Patrick
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Creating and joining branches...
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 19:10:56 +0800
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Esben Mose Hansen wrote:

> 1. Creating a branch
>       Assume you're cd'ed to a tree with a branch "old-branch" from which you 
> want 
> to create a new branch "new-branch". I always use --0 as version numbers, so 
> let's ignore them for now. The best method I have been able to find is:
> $ tla tag -S project--new-branch--0

Yup, the tag command is how you make a branch.  Don't you need to
explicitly give the original revision too, though? i.e.

$ tla tag -S project--old--0 project--new--0

> 2. Joining/switching to a branch
>       Let us assume I've a project tree on some branch "branch-apple" and 
> want to 
> switch to another branch "branch-cheese", which somewhere will have a common 
> ancestor.

I wouldn't mind having a more streamlined approach for this.  The best
way I can think of to do it is something like:

$ tla apply-delta project--branch-apple--0--patch-123 
$ tla set-tree-version project--branch-cheese--0

This could be helped a bit with a script that used `tla logs` and `tla

Actually, wrappers like ABA or FAI probably already do this, I should
really get around to trying one at some point.  So far, my solution
has been to just keep multiple project trees lying around for
different branches so I don't need to switch between them so much.


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