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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] conversion of bitkeeper archive to tla

From: John Meinel
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] conversion of bitkeeper archive to tla
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2004 22:20:10 -0500
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Well, it's actually only the hidden names that get long. Arch has the
idea of categories, branches, versions and revisions.
Inside of the {arch} directory (think "CVS"), it stores the path

More importantly, in a pristine it would store:

Or something equivalent. So if your c--b is very long, it gets repeated
a lot, and then you end up > 256.
There is some discussion of changing this to
c/b/v, which should solve 99% of the problem on windows. (people just
need to keep their c--b reasonable.)

Anyway, mostly this is just to say, it's all hidden. As a user, you
never need to type a long path.

There is work being done for aliases, in the meantime, if you really
want them, check out aba, or fai, they are front-ends written around tla
that add functionality, or simplify things. I believe both of them have
builtin aliases and other niceties.


Zenaan Harkness wrote:

| On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 12:46, John Meinel wrote:
|>Well, speaking as someone who actively uses tla on cygwin, I can say it
|>might be there enough. It's significantly slower than arch on linux (at
|>least an order of magnitude.) but Lode Leroy's path compression version
|>does work in most situations.
| This leads me to think of the following concept - path compression with
| aliases of some sort (I haven't exactly started using tla yet - just
| launching into the tutorial as I write):
| Have a storage layer "translation layer" that translates names (such as
| the lengthy names causing problems on Cygwin) into a filesystem name,
| and vice versa, as needed.
| I would assume (but haven't used it enough to say, obviously) that paths
| might be able to be compressed in many ways (double dashes to single,
| split paths at logical 'directory' boundaries if they exist,...).
| If there are circumstances where long names must be manually entered by
| the tla user, then perhaps the aliases would be useful there too.
| Sorry if it's just rambling...
| thanks
| zen
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