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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] multiple committers, again

From: Martin Langhoff
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] multiple committers, again
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 19:38:12 +1200

> > For remote users using sftp, you should be able to tell the sftp
> > server to enforce the umask in the Arch repository directory.
> Could you please tell us just how to do it? I can't even find any way to
> set umask anywhere on the remote side (there is a command to set it on
> the local side, but that won't help).

See my previous email. 

> > Shared accounts are still a good idea for repositories with remote
> > access. The account should be an 'sftp-only' account, which is
> > hopefully reasonable to ask for. Set /bin/false for the shell and
> > restrict it from sshd_config to only sftp. Can't do any damage like
> > that ;)
> In a big computer lab, it's usualy simply forbidden and noone will bother
> to change anything for arch.

Hmmm. Well, it used to be that no-one would create shell accounts for
CVS development (using CVS over SSH), and yet, after dealing with
pserver for a while, most sysadmins decided it was better to do create
the bloody accounts, if just to get rid of pserver.

This is a process of dealing with the tradeoffs that we all have to go
over. Overall, and comparing it to CVS over SSH, I think Arch is much,
much easier to deal with.

And WebDAV, lest we forget, is available too. Apache2 is your friend there. 



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