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[Gnu-arch-users] 1.2.2rc1 is hereby released!

From: James Blackwell
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] 1.2.2rc1 is hereby released!
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 18:13:31 -0400
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Good work, one and all. Tonight, 1.2.2rc1 is born, and takes it first
breaths. So now its time for everybody to jump up and down on it, and
pound the living crap out of it! Everybody should take a look at the
release candidate and make sure it doesn't have any bugs in it. If you
come to me about a bug when 1.2.2 is released, the *first* question that
I'm going to ask you is why you didn't tell me about it during the
candidate process. :)

The changes between this version, and the last version kind of depends
upon which version you've been using. As many of you are no doubt aware,
there was a bit of confusion between Tom and I about what happened where
and when. Thanks to the dedication of people like Aaron, Bob, David, Talli
and Tom, we were able to resolve the issue and we now have a sane release

If you were running my 1.2.1, then you couldn't run update -d (dirname).
If you were running Tom's 1.2.1, then you if you had truncated tags in a
tagline branch, you couldn't get from your archive as well. Both of these
issues have been resolved. 

The most important change that you're going to see in tla-1.2.2rc1
involves the tagline tags truncation code. For a long while, probably
since inception of tla, tla has been silently truncating your tagline
tags. This has caused all sorts of weird behavior over the last year or
so. Weird things like "tla is complaining that I have two identical tags
even though they're different" and "tla is doing a delete/add pair for
some of my files on commit, even though all I did was modify it" and so
on. For compability reasons, tla will continue to do what its been doing
all along, though now at least it will warn you if your tag gets
truncated.  One word of advice:  Keep your tags as close to the bottom or
the top of the file as possible. 

Other changes include: 

   * selective undo

   * A filedescripter leak fix in ps_ftp

   * Double cachreving is now prevented (this caused a corrupted 
     checksum file)

   * grab has help on the fileformat in "tla grab -H" and now properly
     registers archives if necessary.

   * a new test case for update that makes sure that update -d doesn't
     break. :)

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