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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Encoding handling proposal

From: James Blackwell
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Encoding handling proposal
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 01:47:28 -0400

Marcus Sundman wrote:
> Here is my proposal of how *I* think a CM system should handle the
> "encoding issue" and some related issues. You may have a different
> opinion, and if you do it'd be nice to hear it, but no trolling,
> please.  (See the "Notes" section below for comments regarding each
> point.)

If you're worried about encoding formats, then stick with file formats 
that document the encoding used internally. For example, html, 
star office documents, most gnome documents, and even most microsoft

If you're *really* stuck with documents that can't document internally,
then stick to each file a filename.type, in which the encoding method is
stored there, and rewrite all of the software that you want to use these
encoding info files to actually use them. 

Arch's job is to return the same bytes that it gets. It performs this
job admirably. :) 

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