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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: The bugfixing contest

From: James Blackwell
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: The bugfixing contest
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 17:43:38 -0400

Tom wrote:
> Now, with that general goal, jblack has put $10 of his own money on
> the line --- betting that he has admitted only changes which are, at
> least, "correctness preserving".

Though it started this way, I've found a sponsor. I've included below
the rules, which are an overly of the old rules.

Well, if I do a really bad job of review, and there ends up being a
series of rcs, then I'm back on the hook. But assuming that I'm doing a
reasonably good job, then I'm off the hook.

> Prove him wrong and you win $10!

Yup. And there's more prizes: 

$10 : Discover a generally agreed upon bug in LAST_RC that is in not in 
      LAST_RELEASE. (Thats only fair. if the geneneral consensus is that
      its not a bug, then you don't win just because you think

$10 : Be the first to submit an approved test case that passes with
      LAST_RELEASE but fails in LAST_RC. Finder of the bug gets a 3 day
      head start.
$10 : Be the first to submit an approved patch that fixes a bug in
      LAST_RC that is not in LAST_RELEASE. Finder of the bug and
      rc gets a 3 day head start.

There's exactly one rule: If you are the submitter of the original patch
that causes the bug, you're disqualified from collecting anything.

> Why dangerous?  Uh.... the politics of labor generally and,
> specifically, the implied opportunities to "game" this reward system
> to somebody else's detriment.
Ohhhhh. That's what you mean. Yeah. I was in a talk this morning that
covered that. There's risks that somebody might find a bug in rc1, and
remain silent until rc2 comes out.*

If we assume that the average number of regressions holds (something
that I'm dead set against happening), then they're looking at an income
of $30-$90 a month depending upon their participation. That's not enough
for an income. :)

However, I think that people are generally honest, and are going to play
the game for the sake of it. I'm betting that there's a sufficient 
number of good people to outnumber the weasels.

Besides, if somebody does that as a habit, then we'll all be able to see
the pattern, and a community trouncing would soon ensue. :) 

* As a side note, even if they do this, we still all potentially win,
  because we're now aware of the bug before it hits production, there
  may be a test case to make sure it never happens again, and it may
  even get fixed before .

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