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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: tla commands for daily use

From: Miles Bader
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: tla commands for daily use
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 20:28:17 +0900

Stefan Reichör <address@hidden> writes:
> And, if you have already experience with xtla, how good are the needed
> commands supported by xtla.el?
> What is missing?
> What doesn't work?
> What does work well?

To begin with, a simple run through the INSTALL yields:

(1) Separate build and source dir compilation doesn't seem to work; e.g.:

       mkdir /tmp/build; cd /tmp/build; /usr/local/src/xtla/configure; make

(2) Installation is seriously weird -- where do the files get installed?!?

    The documentation says:

       a) GNU Emacs: lisp files goto ~/emacs-lisp and info files to ~/info,
          the PACKAGEDIR is ~/.

    however, after doing `make install-pkg', I still seem to have no
    ~/emacs-lisp dir.

    Also, if it _did_ work correctly, why is it installing into some random
    subdir my home dir instead of the usual
    $(prefix)/share/emacs/site-lisp?  It's a huge pain when packages pick
    random idiosyncratic directory structures; please just use the usual
    location (in which case the user doesn't have to munge their .emacs
    either).  Also there should be `install' target.

(3) The following compilation warning about `cl' make me nervous:

       Compiling xtla-defs.el
       In end of data:
       xtla-defs.el:2163:1:Warning: the following functions might not be 
defined at
           runtime: cl-defsubst-expand, cl-struct-setf-expander
       Wrote /usr/local/src/xtla/lisp/xtla-defs.elc

(4) Other various warnings that probably should be fixed up
    [It generally looks like `require' was not used religiously enough]:

       Compiling xtla.el
       In tla-bookmarks-get-partner-versions:
       xtla.el:3841:93:Warning: Function `intersection' from cl package called 
       In tla-start-project:
       xtla.el:4716:42:Warning: Function `count' from cl package called at 
       In tla-find-file-hook:
       xtla.el:7047:25:Warning: `vc-ignore-vc-files' is an obsolete variable; 
           `vc-handled-backends' to nil to disable VC.
       In tla--tree-lint-printer:
       xtla.el:7366:20:Warning: assignment to free variable
       In end of data:
       xtla.el:7764:1:Warning: the following functions might not be defined at
           runtime: intersection, count, easy-menu-add, mml-attach-file,
           mail-position-on-field, gnus-article-part-wrapper, 
           gnus-summary-select-article-buffer, gnus-article-show-summary
       xtla.el:7764:1:Warning: the following functions are not known to be 
           dired-delete-file, highline-on, highline-off
       Wrote /usr/local/src/xtla/lisp/xtla.elc
       Compiling xtla-browse.el
       In end of data:
       xtla-browse.el:1159:1:Warning: the function `extent-start-position' is 
           known to be defined.
       Wrote /usr/local/src/xtla/lisp/xtla-browse.elc

Well, I've got to go try and find where on earth it installed things, so
more later.


/\ /\
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