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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] tla commands for daily use

From: David Allouche
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] tla commands for daily use
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 19:02:54 +0200

On Mon, 2004-09-13 at 12:51 +0200, Stefan Reichör wrote:
> I would like to know now, what tla commands you need in your daily
> work?
> And, if you have already experience with xtla, how good are the needed
> commands supported by xtla.el?
> What is missing?
> What doesn't work?
> What does work well?
> Based on your feedback, we will try to integrate new or improved
> functionality in xtla.el.

Gawd! Someone actually asking for wishlist items! Let's give him
hell! ;-)

Caveat: I am a pretty casual xtla user (I still do most of my archive
munging in tlash) so most of my requests/complaints might have already
been implemented/fixed.

I mostly use xtla for auditing changes, and especially for the ediff
integration. I would like if there was a simple way to see changes than
"C-x T i <wait> =".

I would also like if it were possible to disable descent into nested
trees when computing changes.

Also, the unfolded inventory listing is a bit incovenient with big
trees. I'm not sure what would be the right way to fix that while
retaining the convience of unfolded listing for smaller trees.

After having a been a big fan of dual head displays and multi-windows
emacs frames, I have come to enjoy a more modal kind of interface. In
particular, the TouchStream makes it a breeze to switch buffers and
frames. I would like if it were possible to prevent xtla from working in
two-windows style and use only the current emacs window.

Ediff rocks! I would like to be able to view the changes between two
revisions/trees with the same interface as "C-x T i =".

Changelogs, actually, are hypertextual. When reviewing a Changelog or
the output of log-for-merge, I would love if I were able to traverse
references to other patchlogs. Ideally that would work for log-for-merge
output and the changelog's new-patches summary.

Editing =tagging-method. Last time I tried, opening a =tagging-method
file via "C-x C-f" caused a lisp exception and did not show the buffer.
If I tried again to open the same file it would display an expected.

Quick commits. Generally, I commit with -s from the shell, just after
running a test suite. It would be nice to have something equally
convenient in xtla. Typing "C-x T i c <summary> C-end C-return C-c C-c"
is too much for me.

Thanks for asking :-)

Ho, I just noticed the subject...

My daily tla use looks like:

tla mirror <dogpile>
tla tree-version
if that's a dogpile version:
    tla changes
    if there are no changes:
        tla update
    if there are changes:
        tla undo
        aba change-version `personal`
        # personal prints the name of my personal branch
        tla star-merge
        tla commit -s "merge with dogpile"
        tla redo
        commit -s "foo can do bar too"
        arch-submit-merge "foo can do bar too"
        # that sends a pqm merge request, dogpile is pqm-controlled.
        tla mirror <dogpile>
        fai revisions --missing-from -s `upstream`
        # check that the dogpile has all my stuff
        tla change-version `upstream`
if that's a personal version:
    tla changes
    if there are changes:
        tla commit -s "froboize frobnicate option"
        tla star-merge `upstream`
        # upstream prints the name of the dogpile branch
        <check everything's okay>
        commit -s "merge dogpile"
        arch-submit-merge "froboize frobnicate option"
        tla mirror <dogpile>
        fai revisions --missing-from -s `upstream`
        tla change-version `upstream`

And stuff like that... I think I covered the most common commands.

                                                            -- ddaa

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