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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] tla commands for daily use

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] tla commands for daily use
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 17:00:49 +0200
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Stefan Reichör <address@hidden> writes:

> And, if you have already experience with xtla, how good are the needed
> commands supported by xtla.el?
> What is missing?
> What doesn't work?

Maybe it's just me, but here (emacs, latest xtla patch) the
function that asks for an archive location, category, branch, version
(e.g. when you run tla-start-project) does not work: it asks for the
archive, and immediately afterwards the prompt changes to 'Version:'
and stays there whatever i type. If i try tab completion in this
'Version:' prompt, i get a list of registered archives.

Another quirk: i cannot commit (e.g. via C-cC-c in a log buffer)
signed archives: instead of asking me for my gpg key passwords, xtla
complains that it cannot access the tty (i'm running emacs on X) and
the commit process dies.

> What does work well?

All the other things i've tried work ok, but i haven't been
exhaustive: editing logs, inventories, basic bookmark usage (BTW, i'd
like to have some way of structuring my bookmarks, probably in the
usual tree), merging come to mind.

Thanks a lot for your work on xtla. Awesome.

Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac Man affected us
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magic pills, and listening to repetitive electronic music.
  - Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc.

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