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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Preliminary Arch Cache available

From: James Blackwell
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Preliminary Arch Cache available
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 19:55:09 -0400

Aaron Bentley:
> Hi all,
> Over this weekend, I've added support for a persistent, disk-based, 
> local cache to Arch.
> Con:
> 4. Still requires a connection before using the cache

DUDE! This sounds neat! Anything holding it up for 1.2.3?

This really hits a sweet spot right between local mirroring and

Instead of reregistering archives with cache:, what if we just do this
for all archive if =arch-cache exists, and then for each archive that
has a location that doesn't start with path_sep? After all, archives are
generally small, and disk space is *much* cheaper than bandwidth.

I can only imagine how powerful this will be once it has support for
disconnected ops, perhaps chattering a "Warning: Original Archive not
available; working from cached data"

Side question: How does this interrelate with [ar]browse and other 
similiar tools that walk archives? 

> How to get and use it:
> get it from here:
> address@hidden/tlasrc--cache--0
> tell Arch where your cache belongs:
> echo $ANYPATH > ~/.arch-params/=arch-cache
> Register an archive for use with cache:
> tla register-archive -f 
> cache:
> Only archives with cache: preceeding their normal URL will be cached.
> Status of the code:
> The caching code is only active for archives with cached: in their URLs. 
>   It's new code, and changes to existing files are very minimal. 
> Furthermore, most of the new code is just wrapper code.  I modified the 
> test suite to use cached: URLs everywhere, and it passes the test suite.
> However, there may be changes yet to the Arch Cache namespace, so your 
> cached data may become obsolete in a future.
> It's based on my development branch, containing the backbuilder and 
> other changes, like commit --base.  If you don't want those, you can do
> this, instead:
> # Actually, any tla more recent than 1.1 should work
> $ tla get address@hidden/tla--devo--1.2 cache
> $ cd cache
> $ tla apply-delta 
> address@hidden/tlasrc--cache--0--patch-2 $(tla 
> revisions -f address@hidden/tlasrc--cache--0|tail -n 1)
> What's missing:
> - Ancestry data is not cached
> - Revision type data is not cached
> - Lazy initialization would be very nice (there are issues with this 
> that I'll detail in a followup email)
> - If a cacherev is downloaded, it should still be usable if the cacherev 
> is removed from the original archive
> - Easy commandline tools, e.g. tla my-arch-cache
> - Support for disconnected operation
> Aaron
> -- 
> Aaron Bentley
> Director of Technology
> Panometrics, Inc.
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