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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Unable to 'tla get' from public mirror -- PANIC: I/

From: James Blackwell
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Unable to 'tla get' from public mirror -- PANIC: I/O error
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 19:08:19 -0400

Robin Farine wrote:
> The locations would would be passed explicitly, e.g.
>  tla archive-mirror http://... sftp://....
> archive-mirror would just have verify that the destination is 
> actually a mirror of the source archive (the source location can be 
> a mirror as well).

I disagree. I'm much more capable of remembering 
tla archive-mirror address@hidden \

Rather than 
tla archive-mirror address@hidden \

And actually, with a hook script like the following, I don't need to 
remember either of them. :) 


if [ -e /home/jblack/NOHOOK ]; then
  echo "Not hooking because of NOHOOK";
  exit 0;

case "$1" in
    case "$ARCH_ARCHIVE" in
        tla archive-mirror $ARCH_ARCHIVE > /dev/null &
        tla archive-mirror $ARCH_ARCHIVE $MIR2 > /dev/null &

Meh. Why is it both perl and python both refuse to have switch
statements? That is _so_ braindamaged.

>> Also, the interface used by archive-mirror assumes that 
>> mirrors have names.
> I have not checked the code but I guess it could be called with 
> 'source location' and 'destination location', fetch the archive 
> names from these locations and ensure they match.
>> > This might cope nicely with a new archive registration
>> > mechanism where one archive name maps to many archive
>> > locations.
>> I'm inclined to go along with the current scheme until the new
>> registration mechanism is in place, because any work we do before
>> then would probably be lost.
> I agree, just that I wonder whether or not any work done before at 
> all would be lost.
> Robin
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