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[Gnu-arch-users] Manners

From: Pierce T . Wetter III
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Manners
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 15:39:24 -0700

If you compare mozilla's features over the last year with the
number of mozilla's usage growth over the last year,
Look closer at what's got good momentum and why.

  You're both wrong. Some features just "make sense" in a software
product, some don't. Browsers that don't have a local cache really
suck to use, so they all have them.

 On the other hand, I prefer FireFox to Mozilla, because all the
"extra" stuff in Mozilla is annoying.

 Our job as software engineers to to decide what makes sense and what
doesn't. Its a valid point that a general purpose cache might
be less useful then a domain specific cache for tla. Many tla users
have requested a cache, so there's obviously some desire there.

 The issue with caching is never filling the cache, that's easy, its
flushing the cache. So a tla-specific cache could intelligently flush
in a way that a general purpose one couldn't.

But there *is* a difference between today and the late nineties. In the old days, features were added haphazardly without any sort of regard to
whether or not they served any purpose or provided any actual

Yes, and, oddly enough, I find myself trying to beat back such trends
in arch.  How tedious.

 Yes, it is your job to beat back feeping creaturism.

 It's also your job to listen to your users and make sure that tla has
the _necessary_ yet _sufficient_ set of features.

 It's also your job to lead the troops, and personal attacks are not

I only glanced over the rest of your email. You'll have to do better
at communicating effectively if you want me to spend time on it.

There's only so many times I can hint to you that your reach exceeds
your grasp at the moment.  *Please* try to separate your palbapble
hatred of me from your contributions to arch.

Tom, when one person says "you're difficult to communicate with", they're
a crank".

When the entire world says "you're difficult to communicate with", you're
the crank.

 Your emails would be a lot better if you had simply left off the
personal attack. In all things, remember that you are not your code, and
a suggestion is not the person. Attack the code or the suggestion, not the


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