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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] "Newbie-ized help"

From: Esben Mose Hansen
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] "Newbie-ized help"
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 13:52:56 +0200
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On Sunday 26 September, 2004 11:27, James Blackwell wrote:
> Ok. I worked on hiding "advanced" commands. The results are as follow:

Cool. This is much needed work. 

> * Project Tree Inventory Commands
>             inventory : inventory a source tree
>             tree-lint : audit a source tree
>                    id : report the inventory id for a file
>                add-id : add an explicit inventory id
>                   add : (alias for add-id)
>             delete-id : remove an explicit inventory id
>                delete : (alias for delete-id)
>                    rm : remove a file (or dir, or symlink) and its explicit
> inventory tag (if any) move-id : move an explicit inventory id
>                  move : (alias for move-id)
>                    mv : move a file (or dir, or symlink) and its explicit
> inventory tag (if any) explicit-default : print or modify default ids

I would drop id, add-id, delete-id, move-id and move. These are seldom needed 
or just plain confusing aliases.

> * Archive Transaction Commands
>          make-archive : create a new archive directory
>         archive-setup : create new categories, branches and versions
>                import : archive a full-source base-0 revision
>                commit : archive a changeset-based revision
>                   get : construct a project tree for a revision
>        archive-mirror : update an archive mirror

Hmm. I would definitely drop archive-mirror. And I think that dropping 
archieve-setup would be a good thing too, unless it is necessary in a common 
use case (i.e. set up, get, updating, branching or merging).

> * Archive Commands
>               abrowse : print an outline describing archive contents
>               rbrowse : print an outline describing an archive's contents
>              cacherev : cache a full source tree in an archive

Again, I would drop cacherev. No newbie is going to use this anyway. Maybe 
abrowse and rbrowse is off a newbie's reach, too?

> * Patch Log Commands
>              make-log : initialize a new log file entry
>                  logs : list patch logs for a version in a project tree
>             changelog : generate a ChangeLog from a patch log

I'd drop changelog. The circumstances where this is needed are beyond newbie.

> * Commands for Branching and Merging
>                   tag : create a continuation revision (aka tag or branch)
>                update : update a project tree to reflect recent archived
> changes replay : apply revision changesets to a project tree star-merge :
> merge mutually merged branches
>               missing : print patches missing from a project tree

Multiple merge commands are not newbie stuff, I think. I'd keep tag, update 
and missing --- and drop star-merge and replay.

> * Revision Library Commands
>   my-revision-library : print or change your revision library path
>        library-config : configure parameters of a revision library

I'd drop these.

> * Published Revisions Commands
>                  grab : grab a published revision

Hmm. That's a tough one. But I think I would drop it, too. The sites 
publishing archives via. tla should included instructions anyway.

> Ok. Discuss.

Yesssir! ;-)

regards. Esben

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