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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: Re: Obsoleting abrowse

From: Matthieu MOY
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: Re: Obsoleting abrowse
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 12:23:16 +0200 (CEST)
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Mikhael Goikhman said:
> The format is the same as with --versions, just with less components.
> Filtering by category and branch will always be useful. Otherwise why you
> would want to use a/c-b-v namespace in the first place?

The answer is rather simple: I do *not* want to use the c--b--v namespace
(and I'm not the only one, that's why bazaar plans to make it completely
optional, and AFAIK, tla 2.0 got rid of it).

> Anyway, I think abrowse should not be obsoleted for several months if you
> remove the concept of category and branch in the new browse command.

I think it should be "obsoleted" in the sense "not in the output of baz
help and displaying a warning message" in the next release, and removed
from the next+1 release, or whenever an internal API change breaks it.

> If I have branches project--main, project--manpages, project--maintenance
> then I can't think about a use case when I would want to receive all
> versions (or revisions) given limit "project--ma" (I would use limit
> "project" for this) or receive "maintenance" in "project--main" query.

There are use-cases for every options, yes. Now here's another use case: I
have a project, say "bazaar", with some work on version 1.4 and some other
work on 1.5 (many micro-branches). I want to get the list of what I've
done in 1.5. No way to do this with --categories, --branches, --versions
or any kind of string search. Shall we add another option for my use-case?

What's the problem here? It's just that baz forced me to list versions
inside branches, and branches inside categories. I would like to have done
the opposite. The c--b--v namespace is just adapted to one use-case, and
forced the rest of the world to use the same schema.

My suggestion would be to add the ability to "baz categories", "baz
branches" and "baz versions" to take an "a", "a/c" or "a/c--b" argument.
This way, people who want to use the c--b--v namespace could do so with
those commands, and the rest of the world can simply ignore them.

>> If you mean "full match of the version", this means the string match
>> will
>> match only one version, which is rather useless for rbrowse.
> I don't agree that limit that is version is generally useless.

Then, what would be the difference with "revisions" ?


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