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[Gnu-arch-users] Bazaar Roadmap

From: James Blackwell
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Bazaar Roadmap
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 22:10:35 -0400
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== Bazaar Project Roadmap ==
== Bazaar ==
The Bazaar-NG project has demonstrated its superior ease of use and
performance over Bazaar 1. While Bazaar-NG was being sketched out
and tested we had decided to defer the decision about which code base
would become Bazaar 2. The Bazaar-NG codebase offers a number of
advantages over the Bazaar 1 codebase:

 * Bazaar-NG is implemented in python.
 * Bazaar's simpler design has resulted in simpler code.

Accordingly Bazaar-NG will become Bazaar version 2 when it reaches
'production readiness'. We expect to releae Bazaar 2 in the first
quarter of 2006

Canonical will continue to support Bazaar during the Bazaar-NG
development process. Future releases of Bazaar after 1.5 will contain fixes
(such as security) but generally will not contain improvements.  Bazaar 1
will have one or two more releases sponsored by Canonical. This will bring
the project to a stable position to finish Bazaar-NG and give us time to
test conversion logic from Bazaar 1 to Bazaar-NG.

Readers are encouraged to read more about Bazaar-NG at

== The Super Mirror ==
Canonical sponsors
provides public copies of Bazaar and GNU Arch branches for anyone that
wants their projects available but either lacks their own webserver or
does not have enough bandwidth to host their branches for public access.

The supermirror will be upgraded in the next few months to support
Bazaar-NG branches so that, when Bazaar 2 is released, everything needed
to work with it as one works with Bazaar will be available.

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