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To work in Indian Language (Devanagari)

From: VS Shenoi
Subject: To work in Indian Language (Devanagari)
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 16:52:47 +0530 (IST)


I am using GNU Emacs 20.3.1, under Red Hat Linux 6.0, Kernel 2.2.5-15.  I
want to use emacs under the Indian Language Environment. I installed the
"intlfonts" for Asian support and made the following settings on the MULE

        Set Language Environment -> Indian -> Devanagari
        Set Font/Font Set -> Misc -> Default
        Select Input Method -> devanagari-itrans
        Set Coding System -> devanagari-unix

Now I could see the Devanagari characters. But as I go on typing, it
displays individual chars and when I press <Return> the emacs sort of
hangs and I had to press C-g several times to get it back running; when
it showed modified glyphs.
But this mechanism is not uniform. I couldnt find any write up (on web)
regarding the use of Devanagari. I had gone through the MULE write up, but
it did'nt have anything specific on Indian Language.

I will be extremely thankful if anybody can enlighten me in this regard

With advance thanks

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