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new version of mkhtml.el - version 1.3: entire MKHTML package

From: Drew Adams
Subject: new version of mkhtml.el - version 1.3: entire MKHTML package
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 17:11:39 -0800

In response to some email requests, I'm posting the entire MKHTML
package corresponding to mkhtml.el, version 1.3. Only file mkhtml.el has
changed, however; the other files in the package are the same as before.

 - Drew Adams


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--- Begin Message --- Subject: new version of mkhtml.el - version 1.3 Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 11:51:21 -0800
Here is version 1.3 of mkhtml.el. It fixes a bug in the previous
version: Using command `mkhtml-any-buffer' to htmlize a Dired buffer
(e.g. to create an index.html file that accesses the files in a
directory) produced erroneous hyperlinks. Now the links are OK.

This fix means that you can now use the menu bar, Tools->HTMLize Buffer
(which is just `mkhtml-any-buffer') in Dired buffers as well as any

Note that the command `mkhtml-dired' does the same thing (creates an
HTML file indexing all of the files in a directory), in a more direct
way. That command never had the same bug as `mkhtml-any-buffer' (which
this version fixes).

 - Drew Adams

NOTE: `mkhtml.el' still requires that you have the other files in the
MKHTML package: `def-face-const.el', `htmlize.el', `info+.el',
`setup-info.el', `strings.el', and `thingatpt+.el'. 

More precisely, only `htmlize.el' is actually required, but `info+.el'
is needed if you want to take advantage of certain functionalities
provided by mkhtml. File `info+.el' will load `strings.el', and
`thingatpt+.el', if they are available. File `info+.el' also requires
file `def-face-const.el'  when it is compiled or interpreted. Files
`strings.el' and `thingatpt+.el' serve only cosmetic purposes. 

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