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ttn-pers-elisp 1.37 available

From: thi
Subject: ttn-pers-elisp 1.37 available
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 02:30:58 -0800

please see directory:

for tarball and other files.  NEWS excerpt follows.  since 1.36, i've
moved to a residence w/o broadband (horrors!), so let's see how long it
actually takes for this email to get out and the website to be updated
over the (flaky) modem line...  :-/

san diego rain
parens queued fearing blackout
hidden tags happy?


- VERSION 1.37 (released 2001/02/13)

  - Default keybindings in Hideshow minor mode now more conventional

        Actually, at the moment, the conventions are unclear (but are
        being discussed by Emacs maintainers), so we mimic Outline minor
        mode and use the `C-c @' prefix instead of simply `C-c'.  See
        next NEWS item.

  - `my-prog-env' binds some keys to hideshow commands

        The default hideshow keybindings (see previous NEWS item) are
        uncomfortable, so `my-prog-env' binds them thusly:

          hs-hide-block               C-c C-h
          hs-show-block               C-c C-s
          hs-hide-all                 C-c C-M-h
          hs-show-all                 C-c C-M-s
          hs-hide-level               C-c C-l
          hs-toggle-hiding            C-c C-c

        These are basically the bindings from before.  Whee!

  - Commands based on `run-like-scheme' now support guile `apropos'

        This includes, comprehensively:


        In the repl buffer, typing `C-h C-a' prompts you for a string
        that is composed into an `(apropos STRING)' form which is then
        inserted in the buffer and subsequently sent to the inferior
        guile process.

  - Mail configuration changes

        Var `rmail-file-name' and function `set-mail-spools' now look in
        ~/mail instead of ~/Mail.

  - Administrative changes

    - New Makefile targets: default, help, tag, untag

        The "make tag" and "make untag" support are to help the
        maintainer keep track of what files are associated with what
        release.  For given tag FOO, the actual tag would be:
        v-VERSION-FOO, where VERSION is the contents of the VERSION
        file.  See next NEWS item.

    - "make dist" now requires `disttag=TAG' argument

        It is now no longer sufficient to do simply "make dist"; you
        must do "make disttag=TAG dist".  In contrast to the "make tag"
        and "make untag" treatment of the given tag, the disttag is used

    - New administrative file: .release.el

        This is the beginnings of an automated release process (not yet
        functional).  Also, the release instructions formerly in README
        are now moved here.

[NEWS excerpt ends here]

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