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New etags.c

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: New etags.c
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 03:11:52 +0100

A  new  release  of the  etags  program  is  available, which  has  some
interesting  new features,  particularly for  C++ and  Java  with nested

This is the version which will go in the next releases of Emacs and
Xemacs.  It is available at                  source                  man page   precompiled

I am  making this announcement in the  hope that people will  try it and
report  possible  problems  before   it  is  released  in  the  official
distributions.  Don't be scared, however.   Etags is stable and has been
thouroughly tested.

Here is an excerpt from the NEWS relative to the version distributed in
Emacs 20.7:

 ** Etags changes.

 *** In DOS, etags looks for file.cgz if it cannot find file.c.

 *** New option --ignore-case-regex is an alternative to --regex.  It is now
 possible to bind a regexp to a language, by prepending the regexp with
 {lang}, where lang is one of the languages that `etags --help' prints out.
 This feature is useful especially for regex files, where each line contains
 a regular expression.  The manual contains details.

 *** In C and derived languages, etags creates tags for function
 declarations when given the --declarations option.

 *** In C++, tags are created for "operator".  The tags have the form
 "operator+", without spaces between the keyword and the operator.

 *** You shouldn't generally need any more the -C or -c++ option: etags
 automatically detects a C++ file when it meets the `class' keyword.

 *** Etags now is able to delve at arbitrary deeps into nested structures in
 C-like languages.  Previously, it was limited to one or two brace levels.

 *** New language Ada: tags are functions, procedures, packages, tasks, and

 *** In Fortran, `procedure' is not tagged.

 *** In Java, tags are created for "interface".

 *** In Lisp, "(defstruct (foo", "(defun (operator" and similar constructs
 are now tagged.

 *** In makefiles, tags the targets.

 *** In Perl, the --globals option tags global variables.  my and local
 variables are tagged.

 *** New language Python: def and class at the beginning of a line are tags.

 *** .ss files are Scheme files, .pdb is Postscript with C syntax, .psw is
 for PSWrap.

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