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Very fast Windows 95 Computers..less than 200 pounds...

From: j . jg2
Subject: Very fast Windows 95 Computers..less than 200 pounds...
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 01 22:00:13 EST

Dell Computer systems,  only  £195

        July 2001


You don't need an expensive new computer to type letters, look after household 
finances, enjoy the Internet,  keep a database or familiarise the family with 

We are disposing of  'second user' Dell computers, which were once amongst the 
best you could buy. Now one can be yours for only £195 complete and there is no 
VAT to be added.

The Desktop computers have Windows 95 and Word Processing, Database, and 
Spreadsheet loaded and running. For a small extra you can 'Surf' the Internet 
or send E-mails. Why spend £1000 or more on the latest computer with tricky 
gizmos that you won't use and will require a "rocket scientist" to get going ?

I trust the following will answer your questions in time for you to quickly 
reserve one before they all go......

* Dell P75 Computer (16 RAM, Min 340Mb Hard Drive)
* Colour Monitor (14" SVGA)
* Keyboard and Mouse (new)
* Windows 95 (loaded and running with online instructions and help)
* Microsoft Works (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database all loaded and Running)
  Only 195 Pounds

Door to door delivery (FREE if you pay by cheque)                               
        Add  £24.50

You can choose any of these optional extras......

* Freeserve  Internet Software and new super fast 56K 
modem installed and ready to send e-mails and surf the Internet                 
Add  £68.00
* CD ROM                                                                Add  
* Double the RAM memory and 50% larger Hard Drive                               
Add  £38.00

Your computer will arrive in just 10 to 14 days, and will include all cables, 
guidance notes and a 30 day return to base guarantee which ensures the above 
applications. You will also receive two independent help lines. You can simply 
plug in your computer and start using it. 

To reserve your own Computer you can call us now on 0870  770 3384. If you pay 
by cheque (payable to ViSa) you will qualify for FREE delivery normally £24.50. 
Alternatively, we accept most major credit cards, and if you choose, we won't 
debit your card until after your computer arrives. Please make your reservation 
now and call 0870  770 3384before they all go.


Liquidated Computers

P.S.    Large discounts for CASH purchases

Unit 4, 140 Station Road, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1ET. Global Sign Ltd
We don't sell Laptop Computers .Your fax number can be suppressed in writing.  
Terms and Conditions apply.

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