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extra coding systems for Emacs 21 (completing GNU 8-bit locales)

From: Dave Love
Subject: extra coding systems for Emacs 21 (completing GNU 8-bit locales)
Date: 25 Oct 2001 21:48:19 +0100
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Note the caveat in the commentary about the Cyrillic coding systems,
the fact that the similarly-incomplete coding system definitions in
codepage.el are a nuisance (and this package might cause trouble under
MS-DOG -- I don't know), and also that mule-diag.el should be tweaked
to cope properly with these definitions (given its undue familiarity
with codepage.el, at least).  Note further that this work isn't
generally approved of by the Emacs maintainers -- some has been
explicitly rejected; caveat emptor (or bug reporter).

I have changes for extra language modes to use some of these, and to
get them automatically set up in the appropriate locales at startup.
I'll try to publish them later.

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