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Textstats, Concordance 1.4

From: Thomas Link
Subject: Textstats, Concordance 1.4
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 18:03:58 +0100

Textstats.el gives some simple statistics as word counts, character
counts, and the like. Concordance.el reuses textstats.el to build a
concordance table of a file's words. Thanks to the power of Elisp this
concordance building tool is much more flexible than most other
programs. Elisp makes it quite easy to limit the words being
categorized to some concise subset.

textstats.el and concordance.el can be downloaded from:


Change Log:

- Splitted filestats.el into textstats.el and concordance.el. All
identifiers were renamed from "filestats-" to "textstats-".

- New: File specific stats via file local variable `filestats-all'
and `filestats'. Now, you can put something like
;;; Local Variables:
;;; filestats: ((:name "Chapters" :how-many "\n%%"))
;;; End: 
at the end of a file to define statistics for this file only.
- New: filestats-auto-update-secs

- New: Convert words before lookup in concordance via
filestats-concordance-convert-word -- e.g. capitalize words.
- New: highlighting of word index. This can take quite a while on
slow machine. (see concordance-highlight-p)
- New: filestats-concordance-match-list and
filestats-concordance-filter-list ... a function with one argument
or a list (mode filter) is a valid entry.

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