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Value Stocks weekly: (OTC BB:GTWY) BTEDBJS

From: Investor Relations
Subject: Value Stocks weekly: (OTC BB:GTWY) BTEDBJS
Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 08:59:43 -1700

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Special Situation and Alert: Gateway Distributors  (OTC BB:GTWY)



- GTWY has undergone significant financial restructuring and projects that 2002 earnings will greatly exceed their previous financial performance in 2001 and sales will be in excess of $4,000,000 dollars.

 - GTWY has recently brought to market Fulvic Factor, perhaps the rarest nutrient rich substance found on Earth. For centuries this natural remedy has been known as the Destroyer of Weakness and Builder of Strength.

 - GTWY has effectively implemented a new Every One Wins Compensation Plan that will give everyone an opportunity to own his or her own home base business with minimal overhead expenses.

 - All software updates have been completed and operating

- Product Inventory is in the warehouse and paid for.

- Developed a distributor base of over 90,000,000 distributors with 5,000 actively buying on an ongoing basis.

*********** PRODUCTS ***********

 Fulvic Factor - Factor is made from the raw material shilajit harvested from vertical cliff sides high in the Himalayan mountain range. The Himalayan mountains were formed from the collision of the sub Asian and Indian continents about 30-50 million years ago. During the collision, dense vegetation, literally entire rain forests, were trapped fewer than millions of tons of pressure which slowly changed this lush vegetation into a rich bio-active material which is perhaps the rarest nutrient rich substance found on earth. Ancient in origin and pure beyond measure, shilajit has never been exposed to harmful fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide or pollution. For centuries it has been known as the Destroyer of Weakness, Builder of Strength - a natural rejuvenator

Master Formula- A dietary supplement with whole foods that are nutritionally balanced together, without protein isolates, which makes Master Formula one of the most nutritionally dense, mass-produced whole food products in the world. Many customers of the Master Formula have been greatly successful in their efforts to lose weight. A testimony of weight loss of 65 pounds, as can be seen on the companys website.

Penta- A heart healthy supplement that lowers high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, a degenerative condition resulting from the build up of cholesterol on the arterial walls. Penta also has been proven to reduce the chances of stroke, lowers cholesterol levels and helps prevent blood clots and senility.

Vita Greens and Super Food- Studies have shown that it may be a possible all natural substitute for Ritalin in children who have ADD and ADHD which accounts for 6% of all school children.

Whole Food Nutrition- Food in their proper state, pure, natural, unprocessed, unpreserved, unsprayed, simple organic foods that prevent disease.

52 Week High:    $1.95
52 Week Low:    $0.015
Current Price:    $0.03



In 2000 GTWY had annual sales of $7million now after significant financial restructuring and the establishment of new and exciting products, GTWY projects that they will greatly exceeds the figures of 2000 setting all time financial highs for 2002. GTWY currently has 80,000 distributors worldwide and only 7,000 are actively selling their products. With GTWYÿFFFF92s newly implemented strategy they will capitalize on the 73,000 distributors not currently in full use and expand their market presence to an unlimited arena.

There is a huge market already in place and will continue to be long into the future for Penta, the heart healthy supplement. Cardiovascular disease kills at least 12 million people each year throughout the world and is the leading cause of death in the United States, where heart attacks and stroke kill 455,000 men and 505,000 women every year.

GTWY has recently released a new exciting product called Fulvic Factor, which will enter the market in mass amounts through GTWYÿFFFF92s already established distribution channels domestically and internationally. 

GTWYÿFFFF92s primary means of sales is through phone direct sales and multi level marketing. There is an entire sales force with a significant stake in the company avidly working to make GTWY the largest presence in the world of natural supplements as well as other products for years to come.

******** CONCLUSION ********

Through its intensive financial restructuring and devotion to the continual innovation of products, GTWY is headed for a bright future. GTWY has recently recruited respected members of the medical world to head up their projects who will allow them to develop the scientifically most beneficial products in the area of nutritional and dietary supplements.

With the already extensive network that GTWY has in place around the world, the highly skilled management team and the highly innovative researchers who continue to create and envision in a changing world, GTWY is a company that only has bigger and better things to come.


 Stock Alert provides information on selected companies that it believes has investment potential. Stock Alert is not a registered investment advisor or broker - dealer. This report is provided as an information service only, and the statements and opinions in this report should not be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security. Stock Alert accepts no liability for any loss arising from an investors reliance on or use of this report. An investment in GTWY is considered to be highly speculative and should not be considered unless a person can afford a complete loss of investment. Stock Alert has been retained to distribute this report on GTWY and has been paid one hundred thousand unrestricted shares by a third party. This report involves forward looking statements, which involve risk, and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in the forward - looking statements. For further details concerning these risks and uncertainties, see the SEC filings of GTWY including the companys most recent annual and quarterly reports.

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